A degree in health information technology opens up many career options. Whether someone is interested in the scientific aspects of the field, or the business needed to ensure the processes run smoothly, the job options are numerous. Each of these careers has their own unique requirements in terms of the job description, but they all begin with the same degree.

A health information technician has the job Cisco CCNA of reviewing the medical charts of patients. While checking for completion and accuracy, they also compile reports and assign the diagnosis codes for several purposes. The diagnosis codes are used by the physician, insurance claims, and data collection. The work that an information technician does ensures that the healthcare providers can work efficiently for the patients. This occupation requires great computer proficiency and little direct contact with the patients. Entry level positions are available with an associate’s degree, but certification is required by the state in many cases.

A medical coder’s task is similar to that of a health information technician but adds more of a business element to the job. Again, the medical coder will review documents for the physicians. However, this job requires further assessment. Next, diagnostic and procedural codes are assigned and sequenced using the standard coding system. The business aspect is entered in because the financial reimbursement hinges upon the accuracy of this coding system. An associate’s degree is necessary to reach an entry level position. The position of a medical coder is a popular entry point into the health care field due to the advancement opportunities that stem from having this knowledge.

Healthcare information managers deal almost solely with the business components of services. They are the ones that manage the systems that house all the documents, including insurance and those provided by the physician. Managers are needed in hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies, and any other business in a related field. This position requires at least a bachelor’s degree, but many also have a master’s degree.


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